Weekly Legislative Update (March 9-13)


STATE BUDGET UPDATE – The Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee (JFAC) finished setting the state budget this week.  All budgets were set with the exception of public schools, which is being delayed due to the proposed “career ladder” for teachers.  JFAC desires that the policy decisions take place prior to the budgetary actions.  Not including public schools, the rest of the budget is at a modest 2.4 percent increase which is no small fete since it includes a 3 percent increase in compensation for state employees.  Overall, JFAC approved spending at $19 million less than the Governor recommended. [Read more…]

Weekly Legislative Update (February 23-27)


WELCOME BACK SENATOR LODGE! – Senator Patti Anne Lodge returned to the Senate this week and thanked those who sent cards and offered prayers during her illness and recovery. On the Senate Floor, Senator Lodge thanked Senator Kimberly Johnson of Caldwell who substituted for her for five weeks.

EMINENT DOMAIN – The Senate voted 20 to 13 to approve SB 1044 to amend Section 7-701A, Idaho Code, placing additional limitations on the use of eminent domain. This bill amends existing law to provide that eminent domain shall not be used for [Read more…]

Weekly Legislative Update (February 16-20)


U.S. SENATORS JIM RISCH & MIKE CRAPO – U.S. Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo addressed both the Idaho House and Senate this week. This is the second consecutive year in Idaho’s Legislative history that both U.S. Senators came and the Idaho Senate. The Senators emphasized their strong cooperative relationship in Washington, D.C., working together on issues to make Idaho’s votes count. [Read more…]

Weekly Legislative Update (February 9-13)


SENATOR MIKE CRAPO – U.S. Senator Mike Crapo will kick off the 2015 Congressional Forum hosted by the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce. Senator Crapo will review the latest federal issues in the 114th Congress and answer questions on February 19th from noon to 1:00pm at The Grove Hotel.

GARY STEVENS HONORED – This week Senator Jim Rice, on behalf of the Agricultural Affairs Committee, proposed a Senate Concurrent Resolution to honor Gary Stevens for his outstanding career and accomplishments in horse racing. [Read more…]

Weekly Legislative Update (February 2-6)


IDAHO TRADE OFFICES – The Idaho Departments of Agriculture and Commerce jointly oversee trade offices in Mexico, China and Taiwan in an effort to assist Idaho companies export their products. Managers, Armando Orellana of the Idaho-Mexico Trade Office and Xu Fang of the Idaho-China Office, briefed the Senate Agricultural Affairs and Senate Commerce & Human Resources Committees this week.

Idaho-Mexico Trade – Idaho’s exports to Mexico increased 6.25 percent from 2012 to 2013. Over 100 trade events, including trade shows, in-store promotions and inbound buying [Read more…]