Northwest Property Owners Association Releases Candidate Evaluations

The following article was originally published in The Coeur d’Alene Press on May 4, 2014. It has been republished here with express permission from The Coeur d’Alene Press.

COEUR d’ALENE – The Northwest Property Owners Association has evaluated candidates for the upcoming May 20 primary elections, and released the results on Thursday.

According to a press release, candidate evaluations were done using the criteria set forth in the NWPOA Mission Statement. The NWPOA Board and Election Committee collectively spent hundreds of hours researching and examining candidates.

Some candidates participated by completing a one-hour NWPOA candidate survey and submitting a one-page bio and resume to aid the rating effort. In addition, it reviewed candidate websites, news articles, member input, candidate interviews, public forums, and voting records, all of which were taken into account, the release stated.

“NWPOA was formed in an effort to combat the trampling of our property and privacy rights by elected officials,” the release said. “From our inception, we understood that it was critical for NWPOA to involve itself in the election process.”

NWPOA said it quizzed each candidate on a list of its top concerns, and results are ratings for each (they are not endorsements).

The NWPOA Board of Directors includes Jennifer Locke, Gary Mitchell, Carla Woempner, Jeff Tyler, and Kristi Cochrane.

The top-rated candidate in each of the races is listed below:

County Commission

  • Commissioner District 1 – Marc Eberlein
  • Commissioner District 2 – David Stewart

Legislative District 2

  • State Senate District 2 – Steve Vick
  • State Representative District 2a – Vito Barbieri
  • State Representative District 2b – Eric Redman

Legislative District 3

  • State Senate District 3 – Bob Nonini
  • State Representative District 3a – Ron Mendive
  • State Representative District 3b – Don Cheatham

Legislative District 4

  • State Senate District 4 – Mary Souza
  • State Representative District 4a – Toby Schindelbeck
  • State Representative District 4b – Kathleen Sims